Herschel Lodge of Mark Masters

The Regular Meeting of Herschel Lodge of Mark Masters are held at Slough Masonic Centre on the last Thursday of February and April (installation) and the fourth Thursday of November.

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Mark Master Masons


HRH Prince Michael of Kent the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons is, as is well known, the blood brother of HRH The Duke of Kent the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England.

According to the earliest known English records Mark Masonry was introduced in a speculative body at Portsmouth on the 1st September 1769 by Thomas Dunkerley. Records do not show where he got the degree from, but all researchers into Freemasonry know of the man and his place in the history of Freemasonry

The Mark Degree is open to all Master Masons. The Order is generally perceived to be more informal than the Craft and there is no doubt that among Mark Master Masons you will ever find friends. The ceremony of admission is called “advancement” and chronologically the degree follows that of Fellow Craft. The legend of the degree is most instructive and, is well founded on statements of Holy Writ, relating to a period in the building of the Temple prior to the death of Hiram Abif. It teaches the lesson that education is the reward of labour and contains a dramatic message. The symbol of the degree is a keystone, on which is engraved certain mystic letters, the meaning of which is revealed during the ceremony. The Mark Degree assists old and young brethren alike to gain experience in Freemasonry, and thus make their mark, without first having been installed in the Craft Chair
Contact details are shown in the Buckinghamshire Masonic Directory or click here to visit the Bucks Mark Master Masons’ web site.

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